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  • Green tea is loaded with numerous health benefits.
  • Drinking green tea everyday can make your skin youthful.
  • Green tea has anti-bacterial properties and can be added to face masks.

green tea is loaded with numerous health benefits. It is extracted from a shrub known as camellia sinensis which is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants aid in fighting against harmful free radicals released in the body. Apart from this, green tea is also rich in

vitamin C and E. We have heard about plenty of weight loss and health benefits that are associated with green tea, but did you know that it has numerous beauty benefits as well? Drinking a cup of green tea everyday can provide you with a smooth and spotless skin. Apart from removing toxins from the body, its anti-aging properties can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles too, making you look younger and healthier. Other than this, its anti-bacterial properties fight against acne breakouts as well. However, to reap all these benefits, it is not necessary to have this wonder tea in the form of a drink. You can now make the most of it by converting it into a face-pack. Here are 3 amazing green tea

face-packs for your skin which you can easily prepare at the comforts of your home.

Green Tea Face-Pack For Even Skin Tone

Green tea has the ability to remove toxins from the skin. If you wish to have an even skin tone, then you can bring this green tea face-pack to your rescue. Take 2 green tea bags, 1 and a half tablespoon of honey, and 5-6 drops of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well until the texture becomes thick and apply it over your face. Allow the face pack to stay for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with the help of lukewarm water.

Green tea has the ability to remove toxins from the skin. ​
Green Tea Face-Pack To Cure Dry Skin

For this face pack, you will require orange peels as they will help in shedding off the dead cells from the skin. Take 1 tablespoon of green tea, few orange peels, and half teaspoon honey. Blend the orange peels till they become powdery in texture. Once it is done, take 1 tablespoon of this orange peel powder and add it in a bowl along with the remaining ingredients. Mix these ingredients together and apply the pack on your face. Leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

Orange peels as they will help in shedding off the dead cells

Green Tea Face-Pack For Anti-Aging

To make this amazing anti-aging face-pack, you will require 1 tablespoon of green tea and 2 tablespoons of fresh yogurt. Mix the ingredients well and apply it over your face. Leave this face-pack for about 20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Green tea fights with fine lines and wrinkles.
These green tea face-packs are easy-to-make and can be made with readily available ingredients in your kitchen. Go ahead and make the most these face-packs.

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